"Richie Freedman as a member of my band, Pat Longo's Hollywood Big Band, brings a positive, and creative musical energy to a group of the most talented big band musicians in the Los Angeles Area. My band has performed at Caesar's Palace, The Golden Nugget, The Academy Awards Governors Ball, among many other top venues. We have recorded 8 hit albums, and we have had our recordings performed on the Emmy Award Winning HBO Show The Sopranos. Recently, we were selected to represent the Big Band Academy of America in a Salute to the Bands of the 40's and 50's. One of those bands was the Harry James Band. Richie was chosen to front the band, as Harry, and perform one of Harrys greatest hits, "You'll Never Know". His performance brought forth a thunderous ovation from a packed house. It is my distinct honor to consider myself his friend, and to be included in this Website."
Pat Longo, Musical Director

"Richie Freedman is an outstanding jazz trumpet artist whose solos are just right for every style. From my experience playing the jazz chair with many of the countries top jazz bands, I note that his improvisations are at once spontaneous and polished, with a sparkling sound. As a section player he displays a sensitivity that makes the lead player sound better, with a perfect blend. His spirit as a member of my ensemble brings forth enthusiasm from all sections. Richie's presence in my band, which is populated by some of the top pro players in town, is a true delight."
Dr. Woody James, The Woody James Big Band

"Richie Freedman is a personal friend of mine. I am an admirer of his jazz style, which is an amalgamation of traditional jazz, and modern jazz, with a twist of his own musical personality. As a performer, his sincerity is flawless. I have heard all of the greats, and Richie need take a back seat to no one. It is an honor to be included in his website."
Art Depew, Leader of "The Harry James Band"

"Richie Freedman plays lead trumpet in my band. As the former lead trumpet for the Stan Kenton, Harry James, Maynard Ferguson, Gil Evans, and the Quincy Jones Band, I know what it takes to lead a section. Richie has those qualities, and he is also an exciting Jazz Trumpet Artist."
Clyde Reasinger

"I've been listening to talented trumpet players all my life. It is rare to find a player with a distinguished sound who plays with a lyrical quality. I have heard Richie play solo on so many of our treasured songs. He conveys the feelings and sprit of the music with deep empathy and understanding. It's a joy to hear."
Lynn Keller, Vocalist